Pipe Dummies

Pipe Dummies

A pipe dummy suitable for every type of job.

Test Piece Pipe Dummies

Multiforce USA offers a range of test piece pipe dummies for standard and non-standard pipe diameters. We also manufacture half dummies for larger pipes, and have standard diameter, thin wall pipe consistently in stock to allow for fast delivery. Our pipe dummies are fabricated from steel or aluminium materials for a durable, quality finish. We can fabricate pipe dummies with multiple cutouts to accommodate multilabel calibration blocks for convenience in the field.

Professional Mounting Service

Need to fast track a project? Reduce the stress by allowing us to take care of the mounting of your calibration blocks to save time. Here at Multiforce USA, we can fabricate your calibration blocks, and mount them directly onto the pipe dummies for you. This complete solution can then be shipped directly to the field so that you can get onto the job faster. We can weld calibration blocks into dummies or bolt them in using a number of methods to suit your requirements.

Custom Made Pipe Dummy Stands

You may have come across a few unusual applications while out on the job, where a stock standard pipe dummy stand just won’t suffice. Multiforce USA fabricates unique pipe dummy stands so that you can safely carry out testing in even the most trying environments. We custom design and manufacture these stands to specific dimensions, so that your employees are suitably prepared for every job.

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