World Class Quality Assurance.

Our engineers have over ten years of experience manufacturing AUT Calibration blocks in the USA and are part of a team of global mechanical engineers who have worked in the industry for over 20 years.

High Volume Manufacturing.

We are capable of manufacturing large quantities of calibration blocks, pipe dummies and welding/scanner bands, without sacrificing quality and accuracy.

Fast Delivery.

We are experts in fast delivery, both locally and internationally. We can provide expediting services for urgent orders from our headquarters in Houston, Texas, and our sites in Australia and the UK.

Multiforce USA understands the demands of the new construction pipeline industry.

We use world class machinery to manufacture precision calibration blocks, pipe dummies and welding/scanner bands. Our unique manufacturing process yields consistent ultrasonic results for our clients. We also pride ourselves on our prompt, thorough communication methods, as we know that quick response and reaction to changing schedules is paramount. This is why nondestructive testing (NDT) companies choose us to provide the tools needed to ensure safer, more efficient and accurate testing.

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Calibration Blocks

Multiforce USA – Calibration Blocks

Welding/Scanner Bands

Multiforce USA – Welding/Scanner Bands

Pipe Dummies

Multiforce USA – Pipe Dummies

Do you require consistent ultrasonic results from your AUT test piece? Contact Multiforce USA today.

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